Stacey has been a creative writing workshop teacher and consultant with PEN American Center, The Fortune Society, Stein Senior Center and a variety of theatres and independent clients. She works from the premise that everyone has an authentic voice and things they need to say (write). She believes writers need help letting go and getting out of their own way at least as much as they need to develop technical skills.

Working with Stacey, you will:

·    Develop your capacity to pay attention as a writer, a reader and a person.
·    Be guided by compassionate curiosity about people as people, people as characters, and your own writing.
·    Establish a writing practice by learning to work with reality: what are the non-negotiable blocks of time in your schedule and where do you have flexible hours?
·      Track how you use your time and observe habits of resistance, procrastination, perfectionism and self-censorship.
·      Learn how to learn from everything, especially things you don’t like, and consider how to work with rather than avoid ‘failures’ and ‘setbacks’.

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ON DECK: Spring Writing Workshop with the Quebec Writers Federation, June 8th and 15th, 2019. Montreal, Quebec.

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